Crestech Global Solutions is operated in Nigeria. A company registered as an exporter of Agro products with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission with Registration number (BN 3217203). Established by Oladimeji Raji, Crestech Global Solutions has grown over the years servicing over 15 customers from 5 different countries spread across America, Europe & Asia.

Our core area of services ranges from; Manufacturers representative, Import and export of general goods, supply and distribution of general goods, general merchandise.

Because we mostly export raw products, we ensure thorough cleaning is done to minimize or avoid presence of foreign matter in our shipments.

We focus on listening to our customers, understanding clearly what they want, and deliver according to customers demand and specification

Our role as exporters of raw agricultural products is to ensure importers get exactly what they want from as close to the sources as possible. That is why in addition to the fact that we source the products we export from as close to the farm as possible, we also have established farms for certain commodities and intend to grow in that.

We ensure products are properly dried, thoroughly cleaned, & and well packaged. Laboratory analysis can be done (based on request) to ascertain quality through physical and chemical properties.

The major concern of any importer is high quality products in a timely manner, and this is where we have also placed a lot of our attention. At the end of the day we are hopeful that the result will be a delighted customer coming back to place more orders.

For further enquires, please fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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