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I was just about 30 years of age. I started noticing a strange discomfort around my bowels whenever i went to the toilet I started to feel inflammations around my anus. A feeling like something about to pull out with force.

I never took it serious hoping that it will get normal as time goes by.

Months and years went by, and things got worse. I couldn't sit with ease and I started passing out blood in the toilet. Going to empty my bowels then became a serious nightmare coz, I must be prepared for pains that could last for days.

Just when i thought, I have seen the height of it. Any attempt I made to fart, I started spilling bloods all over my cloth even in a quantum that women who have period don't experience.

This became a thing of concern for myself and my wife. So she advised,
I relate the issue to my mum. I did as she advised; and my mum replied;
"you take too much sugar" I told her I stopped taking sugar long ago.

The concern became excruciating has i couldn't perform maximum function
in the other room... So I was advised again to visit the doctor.
All he did was place me on some ANUSOL. I used for about a year and
the inflammation around the anus became more intense.

All this went on for seven years, I searched round and spent heavily just to have the pile leave but all to no avail. I started avoiding some foods which hitherto I couldn't ignore. It turn out to be a mystery I had to live with.

Just as I was about to give up hope, I paid a shameful price before I got
myself out. It was the wedding of a friend and we were all dressed in white
attire and the hall was big. Unknown to me, Mr Hemorrhoid (pile/ jedi jedi)
gave me the shock of my life. My white was obviously drain in blood.

As we stood up to join the couples on the dance floor. My Friend Wale

saw how my white attire was stained like a woman having period and whisked
me away to a corner and asked; "what have you been doing about this?"

He asked;

I narrated all the steps I had took. He told me he suffered the same experience
before leaving the country for China. On his visit there he was given
the natural herbs the Chinese used and just about three weeks he gave me
I started feeling relieve from inflammations around the anus. I also began
to experience a completely emptied bowel which was not the case hitherto.

Due to distance, he dropped a few packs when he returned to Nigeria with
me. I want to give it to those who desire to have same turn around
from Jedi Jedi or Pile like myself.


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