Need To Boost The Immune System Using The Alkaline Solution?

"Half A Teaspoon Of This Alkaline Powder Can Boost Your Immu-Ne System, Balance You PH Levels And Remove All Toxins From The Body System Which Will Make You Much Stronger & Healthier"

Dear Friend,

My Name Is Emu Omoavowere. Most Of My Customers Call Me Coach Emu!

For The Past Three Years (Since 2016) I Have Helped Lots Of Nigerians Especially Lagosians To Boost Their Immune System, Balance Their PH Levels And Remove All Toxins From Their Body System Using This Simple Alkaline Solution!

Right Now, I Am About To Show You How To Make A Simple, And Yet Powerful, Potent Drink Called The ALKALINE SOLUTION From The Comfort Of Your Home!

This Is What Every Nigerian Ought To Be Taking Now To Fight The Whole Crisis We Have Found Ourselves.

Introducing The Alkaline Powder...

"Immune Booster And Toxin Remover" (ALKALINE POWDER)

Positive Ratings

natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Specially Formulated To Boost Immune System And Flush Out Toxin – Regulate High Body Fat, Reduce Bloating, Nourish The Cardiovascular System, And Help In Anti-Aging. Using Alkaline Powder Processing Technology Combined With Lime A Modern Super-Critical Fluid Extraction Technology.

Why Should You Get This Alkaline Powder Today...?

Here Are Some Benefits Of This Alkaline Powder That Has Been Used By Over 300 Nigerians In The Past Few Months :

  • It Would Balance Your PH Level: Too Much Acidity In Your System Leads To Week Immune System And A Body That Can Easily Be Attacked And Even Broken Down.
  • It Would Boost Your Immune System Thereby Making Your System Strong Enough To Fight Some Kind Of Infections
  • It Would Help You Control Cravings For Foods And Drinks: Many People Do Not Know That Their Irresistible Cravings For Sugary Drinks And Foods Are As A Result Of High Level Or Acidity In Their System!
  • It Is Natural: The Alkaline Powder Helps In Restoring Your System Back To A State Of Homeostasis (Like When You Were A Baby)!

More Benefits

  • Reduce Bloat And Helps To Slim Down
  • Reduce Cravings For Sugar And Sweetens Drinks
  • Clean The Body From The Inside-Out
  • Improve The Digestive System
  • Safe And Effective With No Side Effects
  • Help Heal Infections
  • Rich In Antioxidants.

How To Use The Alkaline Powder

  • Put A Half A Teaspoon Of The Powder In A 50CL Bottle Of Water
  • Stir Properly So It Mixes Well
  • Take The Drink On Empty Stomach, Every Morning ONLY

It Is So Simple. If You Can Do This For 28 Days Consistently, You Will Join Our Over 300 Customers And Have Shared Their Amazing Testimonies With Us.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying

Like I Said Before We Have Over 300+ Testimonies From This Alkaline Powder Solution… I Am Going To Show You Just A Few Below Because Of Lack Of Space.




1 Bottle: 200g

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2 Bottles: 200g

Original Price: N32,000
Promo Price: N19,999

3 Bottles: 200g

Original Price: N48,000
Promo Price: N29,999

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