Amazing!!!: How To Start Gadget Importation Business In Nigeria……….

Buying Cheap Used Phones and Laptops from USA

What am about to share here with you here has been kept away from you for so long because guys at Computer village actually use this to make a fortune selling Hot Gadgets that are imported for just about peanuts.

It was in January 2018, my old HP Notebook developed fault and I decided to take it to Computer Village to be fixed by a computer engineer. There I got the news that my motherboard have been damaged…….. That material day all I had on me was just 2k. The engineer has been the one I go to anytime I had issues he noticed my mood and said he could offer to help.

Lo and behold, he brought a HP Pavilion with all accessories and said if I can pay 50k he will sell to me. I was surprised at the offer coz a pavillion HP sells for about 200k at the time. Here is an irrestible offer I had to call a friend to loan me 30K which I added to the balance in my account.

On my next visit again, I saw him put up an iphone forsale at a ridiculous price. At that point it struck my mind could it be that these guys are selling theft items. I now draw closer to know him more. We were both having conversation a day, and he said he just picked his items that arrived from the USA. So i asked him; ” Do you do importation?” and he

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