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Congratulations on Discovering this Solution for EFFECTIVE Remedy of Hypertension… Proven to Help Normalize High Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetic Patients

Do not take my words for it. Read what people that have used this Amazing tea have to say about how it works for them

Tips To Reduce Risk Of Hypertension

Dear Friend,

You don’t have to wait till you start seeing complications of HBP like my uncle. Sometimes, there is no cause for High BP, it just happens.

Here are some TIPS to reduce the risk of High BP and Hypertension:

  • Be Physically Fit
  • Stop Smok-ing
  • Reduce Salt In Your Meals
  • Maintain A Healthy Weight
  • Reduce Alco-hol
  • Ensure A Healthy Diet
  • Relax And Manage Your Diet


Hypertension Regulating Tea (NOZIE natural Herbs)

Positive Rating

natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

This soothing tea is made up of mulberry leaf, hawthorn, cassia seed married with astragulus and duzhong for a unique and delicious taste.

Drinking tea made from medicinal plants has become a dietary habit in the world for a long time, and to a certain extent, it has guaranteed a healthy life

It has the highest international certifications of approval CGMP and Local as Nafdac number (certified manufacturing practices), HACCP, health care toot production license, QS

It is manufactured by the biggest and professional tea bags manufacturers that has passed GMP and ISO9001 etc

You see the “secret weapon” of the “hypertension-crushing” area is that it contains herbal plate extract that scientist haven proven to help lower blood
Pressure and promote shockingly powerful heart-health, reduce blood sugar even with anti-agent benefits

The anti-hypertension that also work on Sugar Balance contains 25 Enveloped tea bags in each pack and it is made from 100% herbal tea detract that has no side effect at all.

It last up to 30days when used.

Direction for use.


  • put 1 bag of Hypertension Regulating tea into a tea cup or Boil together
  • Brew it with boiling water for 5-10 minutes
  • You can add honey or lemon according to your personal taste
  • Drink the tea morning and evening
  • Every tea bag can be repeated two times


  • Insert Five(5) tea bags in a two(2) liter water flask, pour boiling water on it, cover and allow to brew. Pour desired quantity in a cup and drink

When you stay using the hypertension Regulating tea, the result you will get is a gradual and continuous normalization of your blood pressure

As you continue using it you will experience imported blood circulation and start noticing changes in your body system

You would see for yourself how far you have gone in helping your body get rid of hypertension permanently without any side effects at all


Does the tea work?

Yes! This tea works 100% over 509 people have used and testified about this product

Does it have any side effects?

NO! This tea is a magic blend of 100% pure herbal product and plant extract to
Lower blood lipids and blood pressure it has no chemical in it

How many pack do I need to start getting results?

Normally, two packs should
Be okay. But most times we advise our customers to the 4 packs which will take them 3 -4 months that is why we give a huge discount on two and 4 packs

Does it finally cu-re the HBP/HBC?

YES! it cu-res HBP 100%

How many times can I reuse each teabag?

Each tea bag can be towed up to 2 times

Can I use with my current dru-gs?

NO! Use it alone to see the effectiveness

Is This A NAFDAC Approved Product

100% Nafdac approved Reg No On The Product Package

Health Risks of Unattended Hypertension

Dangers of Hypertension...Take Action Now!


  • promote blood circulation of the heat and the Brain
  • Anti oxidative resistant against free eradicate anti inflammatory
  • Prevents heat problems, stroke and brain tumors
  • Improve mental focus and memory
  • Clears the head and yes resolve toxin
  • Help lower loot lips ant cholesterol
  • Lower blood pt sure and obesity
  • Promote blood circulation

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To get a great result, you need at least 1-Month treatment (and we don’t recommend anything less).
For the 1-Month treatment, you need 2packs of the Hypertension Regulating Tea.


(1-Month Treatment):
2 Packs of the Herbal Tea (plus the FREE Monitor Watch Bonus)
Original Price: 30,000
Promo Price: #20,000

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